Superior clinical imaging, Market-leading software, Half-century of experience

KIDE Systems specialises in delivering cutting edge clinical imaging solutions to the medical industry. With more than 50 years of experience, KIDE's market-leading software makes the clinical imaging process more effective and efficient for both physicians and patients. Already over two million studies are generated to the KIDE cloud annually.

Kide Systems

KIDE was founded by four medical imaging professionals with over 50 years of experience in the sector. From the time of its inception, KIDE revolutionised the medical imaging landscape by providing products and services that aligned modern digitalisation and imaging technology with customer needs. Not a single solution in the market at the time could provide the whole workflow from device connection to archiving and telemedicine. KIDE Systems did and now most devices, regardless of the manufacturer, can be connected to KIDE Systems.

All images and information from various devices in the same view

KIDE OPTOFLOW is a robust medical imaging solution for all eye specialists. OPTOFLOW offers a solid software solution for optical imaging, which allows opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists to improve practice efficiency. OPTOFLOW covers all the phases from device integration to image archiving and to telemedicine.

Products Designed for Clinical Imaging

KIDE products have been developed in order to match current and especially future requirements for clinical imaging. KIDE products have simple and universal interfaces. They are easily customisable and secure.

KIDE Viewer

KIDE VIEWER is designed for viewing clinical images, videos and medical reports. It enables making diagnosis more accurate.

KIDE Connect

KIDE CONNECT is designed for connecting medical imaging devices to image archive. This innovative and universal product is compatible with majority of imaging devices.

KIDE Sonoflow

KIDE SONOFLOW enables remote consultation by securely streaming live ultrasound video. With live consultation it is possible to reduce cost, save time and increase quality of care.


13th - 16th of November 2017

Medica 2017 -World Forum for Medicine

Medica, the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry.  Last year, it attracted about 5,100 exhibitors from 70 countries. Medica is an excellent ground for innovative ideas in the healthcare sector.  If you like to book a free demo session or a meeting please contact Elisa.Laurila(at)

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26th of November 2017

SOC 2017

SOC-Scottish Optical Conference is the largest exhibition in Scotland with 50 exhibitors and the third largest optical exhibition in the UK. The exhibition will take place in Glasgow Scotland. If you like to book a demo session or a meeting please contact ville.wuotila(at)    

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12th - 14th of January 2018

opti 2018

Opti is an international trade show for optics, design and technology. Every year in January, experts and creatives in the optics industry display their newest products at the Fairground Munich. If you like to book a demo session or a meeting please contact ville.wuotila(at)  

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