Kide in a nutshell

Kide Systems is medical imaging software company that specialises in connecting medical devices to the internet and thus enabling archiving, viewing and remote consultation.

  • KIDE's vision is to aligned modern digitalisation and imaging technology with customer needs.
  • KIDE's customer promise is to enable cost-efficient researching and to improve quality of care through better diagnostics.
  • Over million eye studies are generated to KIDE cloud annually.
  • KIDE provides a full suite of services under one roof as well as customised applications to suit every customer's needs.
  • Four founders with over fifty years of medical IT experience.
  • KIDE believes in continuous improvement, data protection and sustainability of resources through the minimisation of printed materials.

Over fifty years of experience

KIDE was founded by four medical imaging professionals with over 50 years of experience in the sector. From the time of its inception, KIDE revolutionised the medical imaging landscape by providing products and services that aligned modern digitalisation and imaging technology with customer needs. Not a single solution in the market at the time could provide the whole workflow from modality connection to archiving and telemedicine. KIDE products did and now OCT, SLO, fundus cameras, visual fields, ultrasounds, and many more devices can be connected to KIDE Systems.


Anssi Ylimaula
Anssi Ylimaula

Tel.+358 40 512 5679

Kimmo Wuotila
Kimmo Wuotila
Chairman of Board

Tel.+358 40 524 6757

Esa Matinmikko
Esa Matinmikko

Tel.+358 40 762 2414

Ville Wuotila
Ville Wuotila
Sales and Business Development

Tel.+358 50 588 7382


Robert Habel
Robert Habel
Sales, International

Tel.+49 170 731 0573

Ville Wuotila
Ville Wuotila
Sales & Partnerships, Global

Tel.+358 50 588 7382

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