Products designed for clinical imaging

Kide products have been developed in order to match current and especially future requirements for clinical imaging. Kide products have simple and universal interfaces. They are easily customisable and secure.

KIDE Viewer

KIDE VIEWER is designed for viewing clinical images, videos and medical reports. It enables excellent image quality and enhancement tools to make diagnosis more accurate. No browser plugins or component installations needed. All you need to do is to open the web browser.

KIDE Viewer Main Features

  • Accessible anywhere
  • Secure connection
  • Deployment takes seconds
  • No need for client installation
  • Useful toolset to enhance images
  • Supports modern browsers
  • Common image formats supported
  • Common video formats supported
  • Dynamic web forms

KIDE Connect

KIDE CONNECT is for connecting medical imaging modalities to image archive. This innovative and universal product is compatible with major imaging devices.

KIDE Connect Main Features

  • Transfers all imaging data
  • Majority of manufacturers are supported
  • Medical grade security
  • Wireless system
  • Connects imaging devices to archive
  • DICOM compatible
  • Data traffic is encrypted
  • Plugs into standard USB
  • Brings your business into the future
  • Supports also legacy systems
  • Consistent technology
  • Plugs into standard SD card

KIDE Sonoflow

KIDE SONOFLOW enables remote consultation by securely streaming live ultrasound video to any preferred location - real time. Just plug your ultrasound device in and you are ready to start consultation.

KIDE Sonoflow Main Features

  • Real-time remote consultation
  • Easy and fast deployment
  • Supports modern devices
  • Secure connection
  • Proficient video quality
  • Adequate for diagnostic purposes